Cadre recently announced a specific focus for Opportunity Zone investors. Cadre is a crowdfunding real estate investment portal. The firm vets approximately 500 deals per year and makes them available to accredited investors. Cadre is a registered broker-dealer with FINRA. Cadre also launched a secondary market for trading commercial real estate investments.

As a national real estate market, Cadre can provide investors with due diligence, analysis, and an important signal of confidence for local deals.

Cadre offers helpful data and calculators related to Opportunity Zone investments. For example, the after-tax return calculator shows the return from traditional investment compared to the return of an Opportunity Zone investment.

The Future of Nation-wide Real Estate Markets

Cadre is creating a truly nation-wide primary and secondary market for real estate investment and offers a glimpse into the future of local finance.

In the future, the individual, household, or crowd investor might benefit from the same due diligence, analysis, and valuation that institutional investors access currently. This information can make real-estate investments more accessible.

It is foreseeable that investors will seek profitability, but also in locations with geographies that they maintain a personal connection. There are many informal examples of this already occurring in the economy. Detroit’s Homecoming event is an example of successful ex-pats choosing to reinvestment in their hometown based on personal affinity.

Diversification can also play a key role in how the investment is allocated. Investors could seek geographic diversity to mitigate risk or place longer-term bets on specific innovation clusters or other natural capital.

Look for national networked investment portals to form the foundation for nation-wide real estate investment. Opportunity Zones can act as a catalyst to this type of investment network as they encourage investors to evaluate opportunities in different neighborhoods. Nation-wide evaluation and comparison of investment opportunity is a step forward for a real estate market that outside of the major metros is largely under-performing.