A New Vision for … the Highway Rest Area

A feature of the American landscape is our interstate system and the concrete pastorals the system facilitates for its residents.

President Trump Attends Opportunity Zone Announcement

President Trump made spoke at today's announcement that round two of Opportunity Zone regulations were finalized.

Pushing the Limits of Development Finance

Cities create comprehensive development plans or downtown master plans after a public engagement process.

Institutional Anxiety in Small to Medium Sized Cities Across the United States

The 2016 Presidential election cycle seemed largely driven by anxiety. Some argue that racial anxiety fueled Trump’s populist supporters.

Attracting Outside Investment Through Market Information

Large development projects benefit from complimentary investments within a specific location.

Stagnating Cities and Economic Development Strategies

The report highlights the depths of the decline of many small to mid-size American cities, especially Cities ...

Virtual Reality and Planning: Three Ways to Improve Local Development and Comprehensive Planning

Planning is on the rise. Municipalities contract with consultants to prepare comprehensive, Downtown, and neighborhood plans. What's the...

Starting Up in Small Cities: Three Points to Consider

As small to mid-size cities begin to invest in early-stage firms and development, civil society and local municipalities play an ever-increasing role...

No Price Signal, No Capital Markets

Open, capital markets are a powerful tool to raise funds for local development projects. While international equities and bonds benefit from open capital markets,...

Healthy Uses of Opportunity Zone Financing

Two philosophical aspects related to Opportunity Zones must be considered. The first is the nature of corporate tax incentives. Amazon’s recent tax...